Good news, busy people…we hear you! Because we’re busy people. The kind of people who love to go hard all day. So naturally, we love it when technology makes things easier. But we want to be clear: by “easier”, we mean“fits better into our insanely busy lifestyles without sacrificing its original quality or integrity." Because we’ve gotten to thinking that technology can be a little over-applied. Trying so hard to simplify that it complicates, goading us to multitask so feverishly that nothing ever gets our full attention, or asking us to to keep track of more gadgets! That’s technology for its own sake, not ours. And what’s the point of that? Especially if it’s keeping us from focusing on the important stuff – like people, nature, ideas, experiences.

Like you, one of our favorite experiences is enjoying a truly outstanding cup of coffee. When it’s perfect, it’s absolute bliss. And for most of us, it’s also the much-needed fuel that launches us each morning and keeps us going all day. But the busier we are, the more vulnerable we are to the Coffee Conundrum: how to enjoy your coffee within that vexingly small window of peak deliciousness. When it’s fresh, it’s much too hot to drink. In a paper coffee cup or ceramic mug it’s too cold by the time you try again. And in most travel mugs it’s still blistering after several hours!
So we had to wonder: What if there was a way to get your coffee to the optimal drinking temperature in minutes, and keep it that way all day with no apps, cords, or batteries to mess with? And after a lot of thinking, searching, questioning, tinkering, and coffee-drinking (not all of it good) we found our answer…in space!
Sort of. Turns out the same technology that keeps the space shuttle from burning up in the earth’s atmosphere is a hot beverage’s best friend. So we borrowed a little space technology to build a travel mug that optimizes temperature in minutes, holds steady for hours, requires no peripheral accessories, and goes anywhere. And temperature optimization means you’re drinking safer, healthier, more delicious hot drinks while dramatically reducing waste. Now that’s multitasking. Oh...and it’s 100% sustainable and biodegradable. You’re welcome, beautiful planet.

Every day is an adventure, a new frontier. There’s just so much on this planet to experience, explore, and accomplish. Whether we do that in an office, on a remote mountain trail, or right at home, there’s a little space explorer in each of us. And exactly none of us has time for too hot, too cold, or too complicated. So fill up and go do your thing.
All. Day. Long.
Perfect coffee shouldn’t have to be rocket science. And yet…it is!