Our Story


It Began As A Bunch of Tired Graduate Students

As a graduate student, our founder Chloris Yang, was constantly drinking coffee. She noticed how often she was burning her mouth while in a hurry to get her caffeine boost or forgetting a cup while waiting for it to cool down. After talking to her classmates she realized that she was not the only one struggling with these issues. Tons of perfectly good coffee was going to waste because it was taking too long to cool down and becoming ice cold minutes later. Chloris began to wonder how such a simple, age old question, had never been solved and immediately set to work on finding a solution.

But What About Travel Mugs

Chloris had a travel mug, but as someone who needed coffee frequently, she found herself leaving it on the shelf because it would keep her coffee undrinkably hot for hours at a time. Between scorching hot cafeteria coffee and travel mugs that pride themselves on keeping the same temperature for hours, she found her morning cup of coffee was becoming an afternoon cup while her mornings dragged on. She thought to herself that it would be perfect if only the coffee was not starting at an impossibly hot temperature and that is how the Thero Travel Mug was born.