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​Revolutionary way to enjoy your coffee

Say goodbye to your thermos and normal cup. Grab your mug and take a sip. Life should be this easy.

How It Works

The patented material layer will absorb extra heat, and slowly release it back to keep your drink at perfect temperature. 

Perfect, From the begining to the end

  • Fast cooling

    Instant cooling to the perfect temp in 2 minutes, no more waiting.

  • Keep perfect

    Keeps it at the perfect temp for 5 hours, once perfect, always perfect 

  • Non-electric

    Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere you want.

Elegant Design, Easy to use

Push to open top, ceramic feeling, leak proof and perfect slope. Thero's lid is designed to fullfill your every expectation.

Aerospace material in a mug

Built by 304 stainless steel and space grade PCM, THERO Magic Mug brings advanced material technology into your daily life.

Buy Thero Magic Mug

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