thermX Magic Mug Series

Revolutional temperature control system. Designed for the Best Coffee Drinking Experience
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Hate choosing between waiting for coffee to cool or risk burning your tongue?

Get rid of both worries with a THERMX Magic Travel Mug.

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Want your coffee to cool down fast and stay warm while you work away at home or in the office?

You need to get a THERMX Magic Home Mug.

Reduces the Waiting Time by 10x

It's annoying, you either have to wait for your coffee to cool down or risk burning your tongue. Wait no more with THERMX.

Get a mug that drops your drink's temperature in 2 minutes and keeps it hot for hours.

Did You Know, Drinking Piping Hot Drinks Increases Cancer Risk?

Studies show that drinking extremely hot drinks (hotter than 149 degrees Fahrenheit) may cause cancer.

With THERMX, cool your hot drink to the perfect temperature in minutes - you’re drinking safer, healthier and more delicious hot drinks.

Non-Toxic Aerospace Technology

You're in safe hands. Our non-toxic space-grade phase change material is the secret behind THERMX.

At THERMX, we've spent the last few years of our life carefully engineering this product design that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

A Design You're Proud to Bring Out

With the sleek, elegant, leak-proof design, THERMX is a mug that you can proudly bring out and brag to friends.

Drink single-handedly - our lid has a perfect slope that allows you to get every last drop without craning your head.

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